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Thin cut real stone veneer is a great product to speed installation time and for fitment in areas such as corners and walls.   Made from real New England stone the material is cut to a thickness of 1-2 inches which allows for application over existing walls and flat surfaces.   Thin stone veneer is a great real stone product for interior fireplaces, exterior fireplaces, walls, stairs, foundations and more.  It comes in many shapes and sized and can fit most budgets. 

We often apply thin stone veneer on top of existing masonry surfaces such as brick, concrete, or hard board.   On interior surfaces thin stone can be applied directly over drywall, basement walls, or existing fireplace surrounds.    The applications are permanent and can be watertight.  

The look of thin stone gives you is a high quality appearance at affordable prices.   With so many options of colors and texture the possibilities are endless.    And our stone products are made right in Connecticut. 


Interior Fireplaces (over drywall, brick, tile or just about any surface)

Exterior Fireplaces (over brick, plywood, or concrete board)

Entry and breeze ways


Outdoor kitchens (over block or other masonry surfaces)

Interior and Exterior applications 

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