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CT Crumbling Basements

As masons we understand the complexity of the problems this causes for homeowners.  We have friends, neighbors and local trades people that are experiencing this problem so we understand this issue.    

For select historic stone foundations or concrete foundation we do provide repair and replacement services.  This includes repairs and restoration to stone and concrete fireplaces.

What We Can also do to help those affected by crumbling foundations;

Remove and replace stone walls​

Stone decking

And structural and non structural stone work.

We can work with your contractor to provide a complete solution to get your house back to its original or better than new condition. 

We can help rebuild your natural stone decks, structural and non-structural stone walls, walkways, path's, stairs and or stone fireplaces back to their original or better than original condition.   

This work would be work excluded from the Connecticut Basement Solutions Indemnity Companies reimbursement program. 

If you are having your foundation replaced and plan on replacing or re-doing your landscaping or hardscapes please give us a call or contact us.   

Due to the amount of calls and estimates please be patient as we will help as many people as possible.    If you need an estimate please contact us.

Also if you have questions about restoring your home after foundation replacement please feel free to drop us a note with your questions.

Background and Overview

It is estimated that up to 35,000 local homes have pyrrhotite (an iron sulfide mineral) in their concrete foundations resulting in premature failure including; expansion, cracking, crumbling and settlement.   This defective concrete was used from 1992-2015, 23 years and originated from the JJ Mottes Concrete company in Stafford CT.


The affected area includes (26) Towns in Eastern CT and (5) Counties in Western MA, that are experiencing this `”slow moving catastrophic event’; resulting in home and business foundations failing.  Let alone other concrete work not yet identified. The only remedy is complete demolition and replacement of the affected concrete. This problem is going to have dramatic effect on the local area and economy.

The current repair/ replacement market is estimated at over $8.7B dollars and will proceed over a period of the next twenty years.  Average costs for a residential basement replacement is estimated at $175,000 per structure.


Commercial work has yet to be determined but has been identified in firehouses, schools and any project where concrete was supplied by JJ Mottes concrete.  

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